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Application Instructions



This online application has a total of seven sections. Before you begin please read all of the instructions carefully. Should any questions arise, please contact the DVUSA office at 312-226-0919.


  • APPLICATION and ESSAYS:  Please spend time reflecting on the questions before answering. Please be truthful in all of your responses.


  • RÉSUMÉ:  You will be asked to attach your résumé.  Be sure to include your education, volunteer and work history, as well as hobbies, languages spoken, and any other relevant skills and experiences. PDF format is preferred, though .doc and .docx are also acceptable.


  • REFERENCES:  Please ask three people who know you well enough to assess your character and skills as they relate to the mission of DVUSA to serve as references.  Supervisors, professors, university staff, clergy members, etc. can be included as references. Do NOT include family members or personal friends.  Applications will not be processed without references.
    • All reference submissions must be completed online. Please direct your three people to the DVUSA homepage (www.dvusa.org) where the appropriate submission link can be found.


  • TRANSCRIPTS:  Please send us official transcripts for colleges or post-secondary schools you have attended.  Transcripts should be sent from the institution to: Dominican Volunteers USA, 1914 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60608.


  • PERSONAL INTERVIEW:  After your application, resume, references, and trascripts have arrived, a personal interview may be scheduled with a staff member.  Interviews will be conducted in person when possible; otherwise a Skype, iChat, or Gmail video chat session will be scheduled. If none are possible, a telephone interview will be conducted.


  • DEADLINE: We recommend early application to ensure the best placement options.  Application materials will be accepted starting October 1st with a priority deadline of December 31st.  Interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis after January 1st.  Applications may be submitted for consideration through March 31st.  Applications may be submitted after this deadline; however, if you apply later you will have limited placement options, so call the office to inquire about availability.



*PLEASE NOTE:  Your application may be shared in its entirety (including essays) with potential communities and placement sites.  We will disclose any personal information (e.g., SSN, DOB, cell phone number, etc.) on a “need to know basis.”  Failure to disclose all pertinent information can be cause for immediate dismissal from DVUSA.


All accepted applicants are subject to a criminal background check.


Section #1: Contact information



Section #2: References
  • Please list the three persons whom you’ve asked to be a reference for you. (See instructions.) Include their name, phone number, email address, relationship to you, and job title of your reference.

Character Portrait

These questions will be used to match you with communities and ministries.  Please be honest - there are no wrong answers!

Section #4: Essays
  • Please answer all the essay questions below.  Your answers should be a minimum of one paragraph and maximum of one page.

Mission Statement:  Dominican Volunteers USA searches for new frontiers for the faith by inviting men and women to walk with us in mission as volunteers.  Together, we respond to the needs of our sisters and brothers, especially those who are poor and marginalized.  We live out the Dominican mission of proclaiming the gospel through our ministry, common life, prayer, and study within a diverse, intergenerational community. 

Section #5: Placement Interests
  • Please check all geographic regions you are willing to be placed in:

  • Please rank your top three ministry options:

Please note ministry options vary year to year. 

Most volunteer communities are comprised 2-4 volunteers living with vowed religious; however, certain positions like college campus ministry may be placed without other volunteers.  The number of vowed religious in the community could vary from one to twelve, though most have 2-3.  Please indicate your preferences (You may check more than one box).

Section #6: Additional Information

Section #7: Conclusion

I attest that all information contained in this application is true to the best of my knowledge.

I acknowledge that my application will be share in its entirety, including essays, with potential communities and placement sites.  Failure to disclose all pertinent information, including health concerns, may be cause for immediate dismissal from DVUSA.

Don't forget to have your three references submit their recommendations online. Also, be sure to send us your post-secondary transcripts. 

We cannot interview you until your application is complete! We'll contact you as soon as possible to discuss your application. Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions regarding placements or the status of your application.

Thank you for applying to Dominican Volunteers USA!