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Widths come in equal increments. Ex: 20', 22', 24' etc. But we can customize any width in our available series.
Lengths come standard in 5' increments but we can customize any length you need. There is no limit on lengths

16' is our max sidewall height available. If you can keep it at 12' or under you will save money
Rounded eaves, A Frame or A Frame W/Vertical Roof panels. Raised center barn style or Seneca Style Roof(continuous roof style)

Sides and ends come standard with horizontal panels with vertical panels optional at an additional charge.

What will we be installing your building on?
Use this section for how many roll up doors, walk in doors or windows you want. If this does not apply to what you want simply write in "N/A" please.
Max allowable on the RTO program is $8500 after down payment. So anything over would be out of pocket.
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Max allowable on the RTO program is $8500 after down payment. So anything over would be down payment.
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