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The NWYM Board of Christian Education and Discipleship allocates a portion of our budget twice a year to offer eight matching grants in the amount of $250 each to aid local churches in their education programs. This grant should go towards improving the Christian education of children and/or adults in the local church bodies.  For example, grants can be used to provide supplies, equipment, facilities, teacher training, etc. These grants are matching funds, therefore local church bodies will be required to provide an equal amount of funding.

Grant applications will be reviewed and selected twice a year, at Mid-Year Boards and at Yearly Meeting Sessions.  Deadlines are July 15th for grants to be reviewed at Yearly Meeting and January 15th for grants to be reviewed at Mid-Year boards.

This application will be sent to Shawn Leonard, Board of Christian Education and Discipleship clerk. You can send inquiries to him at:

  • Grant deadlines: January 15 or July 15
  • Grants will be awarded by the board at Mid-Year Boards (February) or Yearly Meeting Sessions (July)
  • Churches will be informed in writing of their selection within six weeks.
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Your application will be considered at the next meeting of the Board of Christian Education and Discipleship. We support your efforts and hope to be working with you soon!