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Contact Information

Please fill out this section with the main contact person for your group. Nicknames are NOT permitted.

Please give the First and Last name as it is written on your Nekocon badge. This name does not need to be announced to the audience, but can be used if you win a badge for next year.
This will be used to send your confirmation email. Please make sure it is entered correctly.

In this section, please list the first and last names of all additional participants of your group. Nicknames are NOT permitted.

Please give the First and Last names as it is written on their Nekocon badge. This name does not need to be announced to the audience, but can be used if your group wins a badge for next year. Please use commas in between names.
Skit/Walk-On Information
How old are the youth in your group? Please give the name(s) and the age(s).
Name of parent or guardian who will be escorting you backstage.
List the name of your cosplay group if you have one.
Will you be doing a skit or a walk-on? A walk-on is simply walking onto the stage and showing off your costume similar to a runway model. A skit is a performance done by one or more people.
What is the title of your skit or walk on?
What are the characters you are portraying? What are the Characters from?
What Character(s) are you portraying? What is the character from? What is your skit about?
The emcee will introduce each person/skit. How do you want the emcee to introduce you or your skit on stage?
This judges how well you have crafted your costume(s) and its components. You must compete in Performance AND Craftsmanship in order to win Best in Show.
Tech Crew Information
The Tech Crew is in charge of staging, sound, & lighting. This section is to let them know what you need for your skit or walk-on before the con to make your discussion with them at con go faster.
This section is to let us know any important staging directions you might have. Do you need to enter on a different or multiple sides of the stage? Do we need to mark an area for prop placement? Do you have overly large props or weapons that we need to make sure does not hit important stage fixtures?
Color can add depth and set the tone of your Cosplay. The standard color used for the stage is white so that Cosplayers will be visible on the screens for audience members in the back of the room to see clearly. This can be accented with other colors to accentuate your Cosplays. Due to safety concerns, we will not be able to black out the lights completely for skit set up.
Please choose a color to accent your walk-on.
What sort of lighting would you like during your skit? Please describe each change with a time stamp as the piece goes along. (i.e. (Start in: SET UP LIGHTING) 0:00: Lights up, yellow accent 0:30: Strobe the lights 0:32: Stop Strobing the lights 0:45 Change accents to blue 0:55 Lights out)
Sound is very important to every Cosplay. It grabs the attention of the audience and enhances your performance, whether it be a skit or a walk-on. Even fashion models have music, you should too! We do recommend pre-recording your audio (speaking parts), but we can provide handheld microphones if needed.
Are there any other requests or instructions for Tech Crew? Do you need Video playback (MP4 preferred)? A picture displayed on the screens? Etc. 
(**Please note - Video playback is a new option we are trying this year and may require trial and error, please be patient. Video must be submitted no later than 3 weeks prior to convention to ensure it works with our equipment. Photos should be sent in no later than 2 weeks prior to convention)

*PLEASE NOTE: Contestants will enter stage left this year. If your Skit/Cospaly requires you to enter stage right, please let us know in the staging directions so we can accommodate you. This year's stage will be 40' wide by 24' deep. Please contact with any questions or changes to your entry.