Immaculate Conception Special Collections

Use this form if you are already using electronic giving with Immaculate Conception.  If you have not already signed up for electronic offertory, click here.

In addition to our electronic regular offertory, you may use electronic giving for Parish and Diocese Special Collections. 

Please indicate the collections you wish to support by placing an amount in the appropriate field.

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Monthly Gift

In addition to our regular offertory, funds are needed to properly maintain the buildings and grounds.  Your monthly gift will help offset our costs, and be earmarked directly for upkeep.

Regular Offertory, Change Amount - Parish (recurring monthly)
Repairs and Improvements - Parish (recurring monthly)

Annual Gifts

The following collections are designated for the Parish or Diocese as indicated, and will be collected annually during the month indicated.

IC School Gift - Parish (1 time gift-next cycle after submission)
Tax Adv. Gift - Parish (1 time gift-next cycle after submission)
Solemnity of Mary - Diocese (January)
Black & Native American - Diocese (February)
Catholic Relief Services - Diocese (February)
Eastern Europe - Diocese (February)
Fuel and Heat - Parish (February)
Parish Emergency Assistance - Parish (February)
Ascension Thursday - Diocese (April)
Good Friday for the Holy Land - Diocese (April)
Home Missions - Diocese (April)
Easter - Parish (April)
Easter Flowers - Parish (April)
Catholic Communications - Diocese (June)
Peter's Pence - Diocese (June)
Catholic University - Diocese (August)
Feast of the Assumption - Diocese (August)
Parish Emergency Assistance - Parish (August)
Mission Sunday - Diocese (October)
Respect Human Life - Diocese (October)
All Saints - Diocese (November)
All Souls - Diocese (November)
Campaign for Human Development - Diocese (November)
Seminary - Diocese (November)
Feast of the Immaculate Conception - Diocese (December)
Christmas - Parish (December)
Christmas Flowers - Parish (December)
Parish Emergency Assistance - Parish (December)