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I/We, (The Name of Artist/Group/Act that appears below), hereby grant to Downunda Thunda (herein referred to as DTR) and it's affiliate Internet broadcast facility, (if you are submitting music video also), a non-exclusive license and permission to use my and/or our production, name, likeness and performance of my and/or our original music work (or excerpts there from) for the purpose of producing Internet Radio & ipTV WebCast programs for Internet broadcasts..

I/We, hereby waive the right to any and all payment or compensation for airplay of my and/or our original music work on the DTR & DTRTV Internet broadcast facilities and/or on the DTR & DTRTV websites, and grant DTR and/or DTRTV the right to make limited use of my and/or our original music work, image and/or voice in any Internet Radio/TV WebCast produced by DTR & DTRTV

I/We, understand that by granting this Material Release Form (MRF) the waiver implied shall remain in force until cancelled by either party by giving 30 days notice in writing. 

I/We, also agree to indemnify and grant immunity to DTR & DTRTV from any liability arising from such use of my and/or our original music works.

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Music Video

You can submit up to 3 quality music video clips for airplay on our ipTV channel Please supply links only to your Music Video clips for inclusion on DTR-TV. DO NOT upload or send video by email. MySpace or YouTube links accepted. 

Parent/Guardian Consent

If you are under the age of 18 years your Parent or Guardian must enter the following details.

I. the person whose name appears below, declare that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Material Release Form.