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SELCO/SELS endorses professional development by supporting individuals wishing to attend continuing education programs offered outside this region.  Individuals employed within the library of a member institution may apply for a scholarship to attend programs such as library seminars and workshops, pre-conference programs, conferences, and other educational programs which will benefit service at the local library as well as regional library service.

Recipient Requirements:

  • Will be required to summarize the conference or workshop highlights for posting to the SELCO website during or shortly following the event.  As feasible, scholarship recipient will make available copies of workshop materials for review. 
  • May be called upon to present information to others within the region.
  • Must indicate authorization to attend the event from the appropriate supervisory staff or governing board.

Scholarships are limited to one individual per library per event.

Applications must be received no later than two weeks prior to an event.  

The SELCO Executive Director will approve scholarships with regular reporting to the SELCO and SELS Advisory Committees, and the SELCO/SELS Board of Directors.

Please contact Sara Berquam at or 

call the SELCO office at 507.288.5513 or 1.800.992.5061 if you have any questions.


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