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Thank you for your interest in our educational tours! Our tours are approximately 2 hours long with a focus on social justice, heritage, and community.

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Groups of 4 to 9
$30 adult
$20 children 15 and under
Free 5 and under

Groups of 10 or more
$25 adult
$15 children 15 and under
Free 5 and under

School groups of 20 or more students
Two adults acting as chaperones per 20 students are free, thereafter $18 per adult
$10 students

Private Tours Available (please contact

Tour Descriptions

From Dynasty to Democracy combines the color of Chinatown with the inspiring history of the community’s struggle against discrimination starting in the 1800’s, and how that struggle shaped America’s understanding of human rights and the Constitution. This tour specifically addresses California Dept of Education Social Science and History Standards for grades 4 through 12.  It’s also great for the visitor who is looking for a more unique introduction to Chinatown.  Highlights include the Goddess of Democracy, the doors to nowhere, family associations, the bank  in a “temple”, the beautiful Chinatown 6 Companies, and Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall.

The Tale of Two Chinatowns focuses on the daily life, history and culture of Chinatown throughout the years.  Highlights include the fresh food markets, old telephone exchange, the oldest Buddhist temple in San Francisco, the site of the first American flag in California, and the “outdoor living room” of Chinatown.

Lunch Menus
$10 per person (tips included)

Menu #1: Regular Lunch 
Braised Tofu with Vegetables 
Chicken with Broccoli 
Beef with Vegetables 
Shrimp with Parsley Dumpling 
Sweet Rice with Chicken 
BBQ Pork with Noodles 
Fortune Cookie
Hot Tea

Menu#2: Dim Sum Lunch
Crispy Vegetable Spring Roll 
Steam BBQ Pork Bun
Steam Pork Shumai Dumplings (2 items)
Shrimp with Parsley Dumpling
Steam Vegetables Dumpling
Steam Egg Bun
Fortune Cookie
Hot Tea

Menu#3: Vegetarian Lunch 
Corn Soup 
Vegetables Spring Roll 
Saute Broccoli 
Braised Tofu with Vegetables 
Vegetable Chow Mein 
Vegetable Fried Rice 
Steam Vegetable Dumpling 
Fortune Cookie
Hot Tea

*We recommend students bring their own lunch for allergies or dietary restrictions
*No alterations can be made on set menus. 
(I.e. Items from one menu cannot be exchanged with items from another.)