AuSable Valley Central School Building Usage Request

Building Use Request Requirements

1. Building Use Requests must be submitted at least five School Days prior to the event.

2. All Building Use approvals are subject to change by the District Administration. 

3. All requests for multiple or reoccuring dates must be limited to 60 days.  Requests for subsequent dates may be submitted near the end of the current request.

4. All Building Use requests must be in accordance with Board of Education Policy 1500, Public Use of School Facilities.

5.  School security personnel will be assigned as deemed necessary by the District Administration.  Most functions will require at least one security guard.  All costs associated with the personnel will be the responsibility of the group requesting the use of the facility.

Contact Information
General Information
Activity Information

School Facilities and Services Information

If you are requesting to use the Pool at the Middle/High School.  You must contact the Athletic Director to submit additional information required by the New York State Department of Health.

AED Responder Information

New York State requires that all school-approved and extra-curricular functions and events that include any children will need to have an on-site Automated External Defibrillator (AED) during the event.  This person will need to be designated in the space below and must provide a copy of their training certificate prior to the event.