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NFTE Course Self-Reporting

Please fill out this form with your most up to date student and course information.  Note that all fields do not need to be updated ta the same time if the information is not readily available, you are able to re-submit the form multiple times. 

In order to complete this form you will need to know your NFTE course ID(s).  If you do not know your course ID(s), please call or email your NFTE point of contact.

You do NOT have to resubmit units,activities or any end of course activities if you have already submitted them.  For example,  if you have already submitted a form that your class completed chapters 1 and 2, do NOT resubmit these same chapters on your next update. The same applies for student numbers, once you have submitted your initial student numbers at the onset of each check-in point, do not re-submit unless the number of students has changed.

Also note that you can save this form at any time, should you need to complete it in another time.  Simply view the save instructions at the top of the form, rest assured that your responses will be saved.

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Start of Course: Student Information

Mid-Course: Student Information

End of Course: Student Information

Opportunity Recognition (Chapters 1-3,5,6)

Market Research (Chapter 7)

Promotion & Sales (Chapters 4,8-9)

Business Financials (Chapters 10-13)

Exploring Careers Units of Learning

Opportunity Recognition Activities

Market Research Activities

Equivalent to Chocolate Bar activity

Promotion & Sales Activities

Equivalent to Magazine Activity

Business Financials Activities

Equivalent to LEGO Activity

Exploring Careers Experiential Activities

11e Course Completion Outputs

Exploring Careers Course Completion Outputs

Please include any supplemental documents,notes,images, etc. That you may have found useful while teaching the course.

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