Precita Eyes Muralists 

Workshop Liability Waiver & Media Release


I am participating in the Precita Eyes Muralists' workshop.


I hereby release and forever hold harmless Precita Eyes Muralists Association, Inc., its Executive Director, its staff, its volunteers, its Directors, its funding sources, and its officers, agents, and employees as the additional insured, from any and all liability, real, potential, present or future, for any injury or anything that may happen to me or my property while I am engaged in any activity. This release applies to any claims that may arise, now or in the future, from or related to my participation in the activity listed above, and to any and all other Precita Eyes activities in which I may participate now or in the future.


I knowingly and voluntarily and intentionally assume any and all risks associated with or related to my participation in any Precita Eyes activity. I assume all risks of injury to my person or property, whether caused by an intentional or negligent act or omission on the part of Precita Eyes or anyone associated with it.


I understand that this means that, even if Precita Eyes, its staff, its volunteers or anyone else associated with it does something intentionally or negligently that results in my injury or damage to my property, I am agreeing not to sue nor to make any claim against any or all of them in any court or anywhere, and I accept that risk in order to participate. (If you are a minor, your parent’s signature is required.)