Neighborhood Leadership Application 2013

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Application Deadline: Monday, November 12, 2012
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Neighborhood Leadership is designed for dedicated management staff of nonprofit organizations that serve commercial districts in New York City and whose work focuses on developing and implementing commercial revitalization activities. 

I. Candidates Serving Low- and Moderate-Income Neighborhoods

Priority will be given to those candidates whose organizations serve low- to moderate-income neighborhoods as designated by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Designation prescribes that at least 51% of the residents in the census tracts included in the commercial area must be low- and moderate-income persons living in households with incomes below 80% of the median household income ($47,100 for a 4-person household in 2000).

If you are unsure if your organization serves a low- to moderate-income commercial district, please contact the New York City Department of Small Business Services at 212-618-8970.

II. Candidates Serving Other Neighborhoods

A limited number of slots will be offered for those candidates whose organizations serve neighborhoods that are not low-and/or moderate-income.


Optional Information

It is important to Coro that we are successful in our efforts to reach out to a diverse constituency.  We appreciate you providing us with the following optional information to help gauge the success of these efforts.

Employment and Education

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Statement of Commitment

Neighborhood Leadership runs from January-May 2013, with a follow-up session in early fall.  The schedule amounts to over 14 days of training including an off-site opening retreat in January, a Program Reception, 4 Saturday leadership sessions, 5 weekday strategy sessions,1 evening session, 1 weekday closing session & graduation and 1 weekday follow-up session.  Due to the experiential nature of our training and the importance of the group in our work together, a commitment to attend all program sessions is preferred.  Please note that full participation/attendance of the opening retreat and closing session & graduation are required.

Due to known or unexpected circumstances, we understand that participants may need to miss a session.  A total of 2 absences are possible with no more than 1 absence for a strategy session and no more than 1 absence for a leadership session.  

Participants are expected to apply learning and strategies from Neighborhood Leadership to their "Neighborhood Change Project" and connect with an alumni advisor during the program. 

If you have any questions about this program/commitment, please reach out to Thomas E. Steele, Recruitment Manager, at (212)248-2935 x303 or

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