Draw Request Form

How it works...

In order to facilitate a smooth draw inspection process, please complete the information on the following page by including your loan number or property address, the amount you are requesting, and the lockbox code to access the property.

Please note that for logistical purposes we cannot arrange specific inspection times or opportunities for you to meet the inspector out at the property, which is why it is crucial that you provide a lockbox code or access with your request.  


Draw Request Deadlines:  

Inspections take place weekly between Monday and Thursday for Draw Requests submitted by midnight the previous Sunday.  

Draw Requests submitted after midnight Sunday will not be processed until the following Sunday.

Draw funds will be initiated via ACH to the account that you have on file with Greenleaf Funding on the Friday of the week of your draw.  Greenleaf Funding has no control over when your bank makes these funds available to you, and there is no guarantee that you will receive the funds on that Friday.

Please take this information into account when discussing payment arrangements with your contractors.

Please complete all of the fields below.  Questions?  Please call us at (513) 247-0501.

Your loan number should be in the following format:  YY-OH###.  For example, 14-OH180.
Please note that our form has changed and now requires a loan number to process and not an address.  If you do not know your loan number, you can find it in on the top of the HUD-1 statement from your closing.   
Amount Requested may not reflect the amount you will receive in your draw check.  This field is provided for your convenience and is simply a guide for the inspector.
You must provide a lockbox code or a way to access the property if no one is there.
A lockbox code is required for all inspections.  Failure to provide an accurate code may result in delays for your draw release.  We strongly caution against access instructions such "back door is unlocked" or "key is in mailbox" as this has created many issues for the inspectors in the past.  

You're Almost There!

After clicking "submit" you will have a chance to review your submission.  Please review that the following items are accurate:

  1. Loan Number is correct (should be in format YY-OH###).  For example, 17-OH143
  2. Your contact phone is accurate
  3. The lockbox code is correct
If your request is missing required information you will not be notified, your inspection will simply not happen!  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 
Please Review and Click "I Agree" to submit your request

I understand that, regardless of the amount I am requesting for my draw, ultimately the amount of my draw release is at the sole discretion of the inspector and is based on the work completed as shown in my rehab budget.  

I understand that if the access instructions I have provided for the inspector are inaccurate and the inspector is unable to access the property (incorrect lockbox, missing lockbox, key missing, etc) I may be charged a $50 trip fee and will not receive a draw payment.

I understand that if this form is submitted after Midnight EST on a Sunday my inspection will not take place until the following week that my request was submitted.

I understand that if I am submitting this draw request before Midnight EST on a Sunday, the inspection will take place between Monday and Thursday and my draw payment will be initiated via ACH on Friday.  

Example draw schedule:  
If you request your draw on 3pm, Friday, December 5th, your draw check will be available after 3pm on Friday, December 12th.  

If you request your draw on 8am on Monday, December 8th, your inspection will take place the week of December 15th, and your draw payment will be initiated on Friday, December 19th.
Please call us at (513) 247-0501 so that we can clearly explain our draw process before you submit your request.