Instant Portable Mural with Precita Eyes Muralists

Precita Eyes Muralists

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Yuka Ezoe Onodera

Precita Eyes Education Director 

Tel: 415-285-2311, 415-285-2287


Workshop includes an overview of the Precita Eyes collaborative mural process, as well as hands-on experience in a team-building setting. During the 3-hour workshop, participants work with a Precita Eyes artist to develop a theme, sketch ideas, compile sketches into a composition. Together, we transfer images onto TYVEK®** paper and then paint! The end result is a beautiful portable TYVEK® mural that can be hung indoors or outside. Projects priced to accommodate your time, space, and budget.

**TYVEK® is a durable fiber spun paper for indoor or outdoor use. 

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