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Julia Barzizza
Precita Eyes Program Director 

Tel: 415-285-2311, 415-285-2287


Instant Portable Mural Workshop 
with Precita Eyes Muralists  

Overview of the Process

The Instant Portable Mural workshop is a community-building activity that provides hands-on experience with the Precita Eyes collaborative mural process. During the workshop, the group will work together to develop a theme and sketch out ideas. The teaching artist will then compile the group's sketches into a rough composite drawing. The images are then transferred onto Tyvek┬«* paper with charcoal, and then painted or colored with chalk pastel! The end result is a beautiful portable mural!

*Tyvek┬« is a durable fiber-spun paper for indoor and outdoor use. It can be wheat-pasted to a surface or hung using velcro, tape, or other methods. 


Locations & Time
Workshops run from 2-5 hours, and can be divided into 2 sessions. We can host the workshop at our studio or at any off-site location. Instant Mural workshops are priced based on location, time, budget, and materials. 

If hosting the workshop off-site, we ask that hosts provide a classroom-like environment with uncarpeted workspace, 6x9 feet of flat wall space, tables and chairs for workshop participants, and access to a sink or other source of running water. If flat wall space is not available, we do provide easels for an additional charge.


Choice of Material

Groups have the choice of booking a chalk pastel or acrylic paint workshop. Chalk pastel workshops tend to run shorter, in duration, than paint workshops. 


When the Mural is Finished

Completed murals are held at the center until they are fully dry or preserved with clear fixative (if working with chalk). Participants are invited to return to the center within one-week of completing the workshop to pick up their completed art!


Workshop Date & Time

Emergency Contact Information

Contract & Invoice

Who should we address the contract to? Please provide if the preferred Contractee Name if different from above. We will create a contract based on the information provided above if no answer provided.

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