Israel Internship 2017-2018 Application

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The Israel Education Center/Hillel Israel Internship is a 1 year commitment to bringing Israel-related engagement, programming and activism to your college campus. This is a paid internship, and requires 10 hours of work (for full-time) or 5 hours (for part-time) per week. The requirements of the internship involve networking, event planning, budgeting and keeping the IEC and Hillel abreast of any Israel related activities on campus. As an Israel Intern you will be the face of Israel education on your university campus. Our interns are expected to be open, communicative, enthusiastic and creative. We offer advanced, intentional trainings about Israel, engagement, communication and strategy as well as constant support from a large team of Israel education professionals.

Please complete the job description and application below and someone from the IEC will be in touch with you soon for next steps. If you have any questions, please contact IEC Program Director Emily White at

Job Description

Responsibilities Per Term (each term is one half of the school year)

On-Campus Programming 

  • 1 guest speaker hosted by a professor in a classroom
  • Minimum of 3 Israel-focused programs per semester
  • 2 co-sponsored by groups unrelated to Israel or Jewish identity.

Coalition building

  • 5 meetings with student group presidents or student leaders of groups unrelated to Israel or Jewish identity 
  • 2  meetings with student government leaders 
  • 3  meetings with faculty members 

Israel Travel Programs

  • Assist Hillel in recruiting Birthright participants during select dates during the year 

Print and Digital Engagement

  • Write 2 Israel-related articles per semester. 
    • One article will be about a subject of the intern’s choosing
    • One article will be about some current event on campus
    • All articles must also be submitted to IEC Staff and your Hillel supervisor
    • Articles may be used in JUF News, JUF News Express, your campus newspaper, etc.
  • Post on the IEC Facebook page or on other social media outlets about Israel at least once a week
    • Posts can include your events, Israel related news, stories, articles- political, cultural, etc. 

Anti-Israel Activity 

  • Monitor pro- and anti-Israel activities, rallies and speakers 
  • In the event of anti-Israel activity:
    • Alert IEC and Hillel supervisor of anti-Israel related activity immediately
    • As appropriate and with the aid of your supervisor and consultation of the IEC Director 
    • Strategize responses
  • Monitor anti-Israel groups websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, etc. for anti-Israel events on your campus 
  • Check your campus paper for articles of interest (including articles about programs you’ve planned), and send to IEC Staff.
  • Monitor/advocate and voice support for Israel in the media (please refer to Press Policy)

Additional Information

Intern Training

  • You will be required to attend 2 training sessions during the year in Chicago
    • September 16-17, 2017
    • January 27-28, 2018
  • Travel for training will be paid for and coordinated by the IEC

Dual Supervision

  • Your Hillel supervisor is your direct supervisor and first point of contact for direction, questions, concerns, etc.
  • Beyond this point the IEC Program Director shares supervision, and will work closely with you and Hillel staff on all Israel related programming
  • 1 weekly in-person meeting with campus supervisor
  • 2 monthly check-ins with IEC supervisor

Paid Internship and Contract

  • The intern will sign a one year contract and the position may be reviewed for renewal at the end of the school year dependent upon performance.
  • This is a paid position. Upon your application, payment will be discussed.
  • Israel Interns may NOT hold any other internship or fellowship on campus while they hold the role of Israel Intern.

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