S-Ride Beta: Feedback

Fill in this form only after you've played S-Ride Beta!

If you have not, you can get it from http://SRide.LadTy.com

[CZ]: Textová pole vzplňujte klidně česky...

First impression

5* = Very good, I would certainly click it in the app store            1* = I would not even notice it among other games

5* = Nice visual style, well arranged            1* = Ugly and messy

5* = Nice and clean graphics            1* = Boring, unintuitive

User Interface:

Definitely yes Mostly yes Don't know Mostly not Not at all


Was it hard for you to finish the beta?

You can leave your suggestion for example in additional comments box

Any aspect that you liked, be it visuals, game elements or anything else

Was there something that ruined the experience for you? Should be something removed, improved etc?

Some objects like gravities and areas with speed boosts are in plan; what else can you come up with?

Be as descriptive as you can! This is Beta, so everything is subject to change. Graphics should improve a little as well as tracks (more routes, some bonuses...) Remember, the game will be only as good as your feedback :)