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Please note: This application will require approximately 1 hour to properly complete. Please devote yourself to this time frame and gather all necessary information beforehand in order to complete the application in its entirety. We will not process incomplete applications. If a field does not apply, please write “N/A”, otherwise we will assume that you have skipped the question. Please also take the time to contact the veterinarians listed and give them permission to release information to us. Many offices will not provide records to us unless they have your authorization, and we cannot approve an application without this information.
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Living Arrangements & Daily Care

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Household Information

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Current Pets

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Previous Pets

This information MUST be provided for ALL previous pets owned by BOTH applicants since age 18, regardless of whether they are deceased or were sold, re-homed, returned to a rescue, etc.
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Experience and Preferences

If you have not owned this breed before, please describe the resources where you have gathered information.

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Please understand that even the most housebroken dogs still require an adjustment period when going to a new home and can have accidents.

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Training & Behavior Views

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Please feel free to list any comments you have or to expand upon any responses that you did not have enough room to explain.
Terms of Application Submission
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