Sharing My YFU Story

Submit your written stories, photos, videos and voice testimonials (up to 20MB.)

My YFU Story

A YFU exchange experience lays the foundation for many terrific stories. Please share one of your stories with us.

Need ideas? We love to hear stories about:
  • Your favorite YFU memory
  • How the YFU program made you feel
  • How you felt when you first discovered YFU
  • One reason why you continue to support and believe in YFU
  • The impact YFU programs have had on your own community
  • How your life has changed because of YFU
  • A challenge you faced that your YFU experience helped you overcome
  • Advice for others thinking about joining the YFU movement

Share Your YFU Photos (Close ups, action shots, cultural events, classroom scenes, scenic backgrounds. Sorry, but we cannot accept professional or graduation photos.)

Share Your Digital YFU Story: Video, Voice Recording, and more!

YFU welcomes testimonials and creative story telling submissions via voice recording and video.  These should be 30 seconds up to 3 minutes. Most formats are accepted, and total file size including all previous attachments is limited to a maximum of 20MB.  Submissions set to music must use open source music (we cannot license music.)  Check out these sites for samples to open source music:  Jamendo, FreePD, Magnatune, Freesound

Click here to view the YFU Media Release (You do not need to fill it out, but please read through it).

If under 18 years of age, please fill out the below fields for permission to use your submission, if selected.

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