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You get a free session if you have been referred by a friend and if they're still training with us they'll get one as well. If you and a friend start together you'll both get a free week. Just ask them to put your name down when they say who referred them.

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Childcare Rules & Policy Agreements
Childcare Terms & Conditions
Mums Squad Clients Terms & Conditions
Please make sure you read and understand the Mums Squad Rules Terms and Conditions before you start training with us. They are designed to ensure you get results and are applied strictly.

Mums Squad is our specialist fitness training for Mums. Our targetted training ratio is 12 clients to 1 trainer. The average class size is less than that. 

Our fees take into consideration the expert post-natal training you receive and incorporate the following:
  • A minimum two sessions a week for anyone starting Mums Squad.
  • If you do two sessions and decide Mums Squad is not for you, there will be NO CHARGE for those sessions.
  • If you choose to continue with Mums Squad you will be charged from your first session.
  • Our regular program covers two sessions a week with childcare for one at each session. It includes the flexibility to make-up missed sessions at other Mums Squad Sessions. Fees for this are $78 a week or $1014 over your first 13 week program
  • Fees can vary with childcare needs and flexibility of your program.
  • Extra childcare spots are charged at $9 per child per session.
  • If your childcare requirements change permanently you will need to change your booking using our on-line Fitness Bookings Form.
  • You can make-up Mums Squad Sessions you miss with the same childcare at another Mums Squad session. If you don't want this flexibility you can reduce your fees by $9 a week.
  • You make an initial commitment to Mums Squad of 26 session in 13 weeks.
  • You can finish your training on your 13 week end date, however, WE'LL ASSUME YOU WANT TO KEEP GOING. So send us an email if you would like to stop training with us the end of 13 weeks. If you don’t you will continue to be charged.
  • If you continue training with Mums Squad past 13 weeks you become an ongoing client and we will require a months notice to complete your training.
  • If you fall pregnant or are injured in our sessions you can put your weekly fees on hold.
  • Otherwise if you want to go on hold there is a $150 on-hold fee.
If you don't pay the weekly $9 fee for make-ups you can still catch up on missed sessions by coming to our 6am sessions during the week or to our 7am Saturday Sessions without childcare. If you don’t pay for make-ups YOU CAN NOT:
  • Change your Mums Squad Session times more than once every three months;
  • Ask to come to different sessions on the same day; and/or
  • Ask to put your edebit on hold because you are going away without paying the on-hold fee of $150. (We prefer you to catch up the missed sessions on a Saturday at 7am or at our 6am sessions)

  • Training sessions are almost always on. If a session is cancelled it will be your responsibility to do a make-up. There will be no fee adjustment.
  • If your session falls on a public holiday where there is no session you will need to make it up yourself. There will be no fee adjustment.
  • If you bring a child that is not booked in to the session beforehand we may not accept them and you may not be able to train.
  • If we can accept them, the fee will be $15 payable upon your arrival or from your direct debit account
  • Fees for Saturday's Whole Family Fitness Sessions are reduced because there are no class size limits and the sessions are not our post-natal specialty sessions.
  • If you are fit and ready you can swap a Mums Squad session for a Fit4Dreams or Whole Family Fitness Session at any time.  Your fees will be adjusted accordingly if the change is ongoing.
You can increase the number of sessions you do at any time but can not reduce them below 2 before the end of your first 13 weeks.

Your legal agreement with us

Warranty of fitness to participate


By clicking "I agree" below, I confirm that I recognise that I am participating in fitness programs and fitness classes extending to Outdoor Group Training and/or Personal Training and any other related activity (hereinafter referred to as “fitness activities”), and may utilise any of the child minding services extending also to child activities (hereinafter referred to as “child services”), operated by Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Mums Squad. Often these classes and child services occur on property owned or controlled by Manly Council. 

When engaging in fitness activities operated by Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Mums Squad events can happen which may result in me being injured or my death. In addition if I utilise any of the child services operated by Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Mums Squad events can happen which may result in my children being injured or their death. Such events may even occur due to an error of judgement or act or omission on the part of Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Mums Squad and/or Manly Council.

Exclusion of Liability, Release and Indemnity
Except to the extent that terms are implied into a contract for the sale of goods and services by the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) or other legislation, and cannot by contract be excluded, by clicking "I agree" below I agree on my own behalf and on behalf of my children that in consideration of Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Fit4Dreams t/as Mums Squad providing me with membership of Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Fit4Dreams t/as Mums Squad which entitles me to engage in fitness activities and utilise child services operated by Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Mums Squad, I hereby on my own behalf and on behalf of my children:
  1. absolve each of Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Fit4Dreams t/as Mums Squad and its directors fitness trainers child supervisors employees agents and contractors (hereinafter also referred to as “Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Fit4Dreams t/as Mums Squad”) and Manly Council from all liability however arising from any injury or damage caused to either me or my children whether or not caused or contributed to, directly or indirectly, by any act of negligence, error act or omission otherwise, of either Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Mums Squad or Manly Council;
  2. release, forever discharge and indemnify each of Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Fit4Dreams t/as Mums Squad and Manly Council from all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs and expenses however arising (“the claims”), including any penalties fines costs and expenses incurred by Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Fit4Dreams t/as Mums Squad in defending the claims, that I or any of my children may have or may have had but for this release and indemnity arising out of or in connection with my involvement in fitness activities and child services operated by Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Fit4Dreams t/as Mums Squad whether or not caused or contributed to, directly or indirectly, by any act of negligence, error act or omission otherwise, of either Fit-for-Dreams Pty Ltd t/as Fit4Dreams t/as Mums Squad or Manly Council.

Remember, if you are changing your program or joining an Elite Event you need to enter every session you are doing each week and any childcare you need. These are your regular sessions you will try to make as a rule. 
Only Mums Squad, Whole Family Fitness and Elite Sessions have childcare. 

Book Make-ups
  • Tell us about sessions you will miss or have missed;
  • Book your make-up training sessions either before or after you've missed them.

This is the number of make-ups you'll need to book!

Date of 1st or only Make-Up


October Long Weekend

Saturday Sessions: 6am Wet & Dry 3 Points Challenge Bonus (All Welcome)
Saturday Session: 7.15am at Balmoral
Monday Session: 7am Baby Boomers Session
Monday Session: 8.15am Session (with Childcare Available)
(There is NO Monday 6am or 9.30am sessions.)  

If your friends or partner would like to take part please ask them to complete this online form to book in.
If they have never attended one of our sessions before please ask them to book-in as someone who wants to start training and then select Special Event on the form when it comes time to book in their sessions. That way their exercise screening form and waiver will be completed online.

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