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1906 Limited Edition Replica Game

In 1906, Lizzie Magie (Phillips) released The Landlord's Game published by The Economic Game Company, New YorkThe game contained Georgist single tax rules and monopolistic rules (Monarch of the World).  Many of the basic elements of this early publication were the same as those found in monopoly games that came later. This game version has been featured on TV shows, in books, magazines, and newspapers, and is one of the rarest of collectible games.  Much better than looking at photos is to own one for yourself…

You have an opportunity to own a replica based on the
1906 Landlord's Game including Lizzie's original card set!

Landlord's 1906 Replica Game

This limited replica edition (537 games) has had game cards replicated to match original colors, typeset, fonts, text. Te board has been color matched to the original with all original art, the parts includes replicas of the original pawns (shape and size), dice and wooden dice cups, houses, original rule set, money denominations. The next version release, while lower in price with the same board art, rules text, and card content, will not be limited, will not replicate the original parts to match the game original, or have the 'bi-fold' board as original (vs. quad-fold update.)

This edition is currently being sold by invitation only as the request list exceeds supply; however,  an invitation is not a reserve to buy and more people will be invited to purchase available inventory.  If the store is still open but the inventory says 'sold out', please check back as more inventory will be added as it is ready to ship. The store will close when the last inventory is sold.  


The game is offered through yourPlay™, LLC, Portland, OR, USA.  International shipments are available (buyers outside the United States is responsible for VAT, import taxes, and/or delivery duties.)

You will additionally be added to the mail list for the next version release. Adding your name to this request does not obligate you to purchase, and your name or data given here will not be resold nor distributed without your express permission, you won't be spammed, and you can request removal at anytime by emailing landlordsgame@gmail.com with subject line "remove".


Not all countries listed may be included in sales offering...

Not all countries listed may be included in sales offering...