2013 -2014 Constitution Club Sponsor Application

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a Constitution Club! Please answer the following questions to be considered for club sponsorship.

Clubs will meet at least once a month, with grant money going toward activities such as:

  • Discussions related to Constitutional issues pertaining to adults and today's society
  • A "Know Your Rights" film event that analyzes Constitutional themes related to the plot
  • Using Bill of Rights Institute "Teaching with Current Events" resources to analyze breaking news pertaining to the Bill of Rights
  • Discussion of Supreme Court DBQs
  • Club debates pertaining to Constitutional issues
  • Mock trials
  • Constitution Bee
  • Participation in a Bill of Rights student content contest
  • Host a watch party on important speeches (i.e. State of the Union), debates, etc.
  • Host guest speakers to inform students of their rights
  • Panel discussion on current Constitutional issues

Memorandum of Understanding: Based on the club amount above, the student attendance goals, and the activities you have decided upon - and upon available funds and other factors - we will create a simple legal form that you, your administrator, and the Institute will sign. This will form the basis of the grant, and will include minor reporting milestones. We've worked with dozens of teachers and hundreds of students to start similar clubs. We can't wait to partner with you!

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