Alternative Spring Break 2014                                  University of Michigan-Flint, University Outreach 

The goal of Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is to introduce current students and alumni, faculty, staff and community members to the ways in which volunteering their time and energy benefits not only their own  personal  growth but also serves to fill structural and social voids within our dynamic community.Click here to enter a heading

                                                                  ASB Participants options                                                                                                  You must choose option 1 or 2 and follow the directions. 

Option Number 1 

You will find option number 1 to be a more flexible option to students that are not available everyday. Please select your TOP (3) choices AND note what DAYS you WILL be participating. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule and place you in your desired project, but please know that your placement is not guaranteed.  

Adopt a Pet

An example would be Relay for Life.

An example would be the Flint Public Library, FIM, etc.

An example would be King’s Karate.

An example would be Beecher Community Schools. 

An example would be Big Brother Big Sister.

An example would be Hurley Hospital.

An example would be Habitat for Humanity.

An example would be the Shelter of Flint.

An example would be YWCA.

Option Number 2

Option number 2 is our immersion style for ASB! This is designed to give you a unique perspective on what's happening in the City of Flint. There will be 10 students and 2 ASB board members spending the night in downtown Flint Monday - Thursday. Also, you will be participating in team building, education sessions and lunch with the rest of the ASB students.    

An example would be Beecher Community Schools.

An example would be King’s Karate

An example of would be the Shelter of Flint.

Detroit Trip

***We are planning a trip to Detroit on Friday to take a moment to reflect on the week, compare and contrast Flint and Detroit, to learn, to explore different cultures and have fun! If you’re interested in participating on Friday, please let us know. However, in order to be eligible for this FREE trip you MUST serve at least one day during ASB.


Cost: There is $10 donation per student due on or before Friday, December 6. Your donation will be applied to supplies, materials, food and the Detroit trip.   

A primary goal of UM-Flint Alternative Spring Break is to provide a safe environment for team building, honesty and respect for all involved. Therefore, please be prepared to meet with your team approximately 4 times prior to ASB. Also, a strict adherence to the no alcohol, no drug policy will be enforced. All participants must sign a form stating that they will abide by this policy.

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