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Market Research

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1.George and Miguel want to open a sign and banner company that makes custom signs for events birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. As a first step they create the below short list of market research questions. Identify whether a PRIMARY or SECONDARY research method is the best option by labeling each question with either P (Primary) or S (secondary). Each letter may be multiple times or not at all.

Regina lists her market segment information but needs your help to classify them under the correct category. Match the information (1-8) with the correct category (A-D). Each category may be used multiple times or not at all.

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7.Below is a competitive matrix with Knit 4 U and two direct local competitors. Based on the matrix, which of the following is Knit 4 U’s most sustainable, competitive advantage? In other words, what competitive advantage will allow her business to be successful for a long period of time?

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