Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Unit Assessment 

Financial Information & Operations

Student Information

Class Information

John just started a business making custom t-shirts. 

To produce his t-shirts he takes the following steps:

Step 1: He meets each customer understand his/her personality. (1 hour)

Step 2: He creates a sketch and sends by email to his customer for review.  (5 hours)

Step 3: He creates the template and prints the t-shirt by hand which takes about (3 hours) total.

He values his time at $15 and charges $15 for a t-shirt, which he isn’t sure is enough. 

                                     Below is PB & J Cart’s Projected Income Statement for January 2015

Page 3

Below is a list of all of PB & J’s specific monthly fixed expenses:


9. Ethan skateboard painting business is projected to make $1,000 in net profit and needs $2,500 in startup investment.  What is his Return on Investment?


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