Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Unit Assessment

Marketing & Sales

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2. Keri works on her marketing plan. For each statement below, determine whether it is benefit or feature of the product. Label each statement with a B (benefit) or F (feature).  Each letter may be multiple times or not at all.

3. Keri develops her marketing mix for her 5 P’s of marketing below. What is the error in her marketing mix?


Price: $10 per jersey, competitive but affordable

People: Students and teachers at the school

Product: Custom basketball jerseys that include monograms; buy one, get one free offer

Place:  High School USA

Promotion: flyers, samples, Facebook page

4. JD wants to start an after-school dog walking business, Pawer Walk. JD loves dogs and thinks this is a great business opportunity. He gathers some information to create his sales forecast:

200 houses have at least one dog

In a typical week, JD has 4 hours afterschool

He can only walk one dog at a time

He only walks dogs Monday-Friday

Each walk takes one hour

Using this information, he projects he will walk 140 dogs in an average month. Is this a feasible forecast?

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10. Below Sam lists the steps a customer would take to purchase her Bead Works classes. Help Sam put the steps in order by labeling them A-D, where “A” is the first step and “D” is the last

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