2014 Powersports Business Power 50 Dealer Application

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Application deadline: August 1, 2014

To be considered as a 2014 Power 50 Dealer, please fill out this online application form. We MUST RECEIVE an electronic version of your application.

NOTE: For the quantitative questions, ranges are acceptable but can adversely affect your rank; if submitting confidential data that is to be used for judging purposes only and not for publication, please submit the data and select "NFP" (not for publication) next to your answer.

Company Data

Please provide the current number of employees for each category.

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REMINDER: If you select "NFP (Not For Publication)" anywhere on this application form, we will not publish the number or information you provide in relation to that NFP. However, you must provide the information or number for the purpose of evaluation.

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What percentage of revenue did the following departments account for in 2013? (% total must equal 100)

How many units did you sell in each category in 2013?

What was your average gross margin (as a percentage) for the following categories in 2013?

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What were your total operating expenses as a percentage of sales in 2013?

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Service and Customer Satisfaction

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Training and Education

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Attach your marketing plan here.

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