Springboard Ideas Challenge Application

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Welcome to the online application for the 2015 Springboard Ideas Challenge! 
The first round of this year's competition requires you to (1) complete this 
application, (2) register and (3) pay a $10 fee. After submitting this application, you will automatically be redirected to a different site where you can register and pay the fee.

The purpose of this application is to capture details about your business 
concept that would be relevant to investors and other stakeholders. Please 
answer all of the questions as best you can but remember that all of the 
questions may not be applicable to your concept. In some instances, the 
judging panel may contact you directly with follow-up questions.

Please note that you can go back and revise answers to previous questions 
without losing other information already entered. However, you will need 
to complete and submit the application at one time. The system does not 
allow you to save your work and come back later to finish.

Congratulations on taking the next step in your entrepreneurial journey and good 
luck in the competition!

Contact Information

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Current Status

Note: This should be a monetary value.

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