KIPP Minnesota External Referral Form

We’re looking for talented, committed people to join our team.
Earn $100 if you refer us to someone we hire.

Here’s how it works:

  • Please check with the person you’d like to refer and make sure that he/she would be receptive if we reached out and used your name. (We’ve all received cold calls and appreciate that they’re never as welcomed as personal outreach!)
  • Read the fine print at the bottom of this page for detailed referral program rules.
  • Complete this form to submit your referral.
  • If we hire the person you refer for a full-time teaching position, we’ll send you a $100 check within four months of the first day that he/she starts work at KIPP MN.
Let's get started!
About You

About the Person You Are Referring to KIPP MN 

Referral Program Rules

KIPP Minnesota Employee Referral Program Rules

  1. If you refer to KIPP Minnesota an individual whom we hire for a full-time teaching position, you will receive a $100 Referral Bonus subject to the rules below.
  2. Within four months of the first day that your referral formally reports for work, we’ll send you a $100 check (subject to applicable taxes).
  3. You must submit this form, having completed all required fields, to be eligible for a Referral Bonus.
  4. You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of referral to be eligible for a Referral Bonus.
  5. All KIPP Minnesota employees and non-KIPP Minnesota employees are eligible to receive the Referral Bonus except for the following individuals:
    1. KIPP Minnesota leadership and recruiting teams and their immediate families.
    2. Principals and recruiting team members from KIPP schools outside of Minneapolis and their immediate families.
    3. KIPP Foundation leadership and recruiting teams and their immediate families.
  6. Candidates for KIPP Minnesota employment may not refer themselves to receive a Referral Bonus.
  7. Referrals must be hired for full-time teaching positions for you to be eligible for the Referral Bonus.
  8. If more than one person refers a candidate to KIPP Minnesota, any Referral Bonus will be awarded to the first-in-time referral, as denoted by date/time of filing of the employee referral form.
  9. There is no limit to the number of Referral Bonuses that an individual may receive under this program.
  10. Referrals you submit will be considered eligible for the Referral Bonus for up to one year after the submission date. After that, you will need to resubmit the referral in order to become eligible again.
  11. The Referral Bonus Program is intended to connect us with people we would not otherwise have found by making the first introduction. We review each referral form submitted and reserve the right to let you know if we have already been connected to your referral, thereby making you ineligible for the Referral Bonus.