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Please complete the following online process to apply to the Spark Foundation to verify your charitable organisation for Spark Give - Spark's internal payroll giving programme and verify your details on Givealittle if you also have a charity/organisation page.

Please note that this online process requires the following information and evidence for your charitable organisation:
  1. Key contact information 
  2. Your Charities registration number or Ministry of Education school ID (MoE Institution) number (if applicable)
  3. If you are NOT a State or State Integrated school we are required to confirm your IRD Donee status - Find your IRD Donee Organisation name here 
  4. A scanned copy of a bank statement or bank deposit slip
Spark Foundation is 100% committed to protecting your privacy. We will not share any information that is not already in the public domain (i.e. charities register) without express permission. 
Type of Organisation

Your Givealittle site
Don't know your Givealittle page - Find it here
Find your site name on your Givealittle page

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Details for Verification
Organisation Name(s)

As it appears on the Charities Commission/Ministry of Education website/or as your organisation is formally recognised

Is your organisation commonly known by any other name
Charity Registration

The Charity Registration number of your Parent Organisation

5 digits
If you are unsure you can search for your Charity Registration number here

School Number 

Your MOE (School ID)number (Digits only)
If you are unsure you can search here for your MOE school number 
IRD Donee Status
You cannot be Verified for payroll giving without IRD Donee status.

Please confirm your organisation has been granted Donee Status by Inland Revenue and donors can receive a tax rebate from donations made to your organisation: If you are unsure of your Donee Organisation name click here.
If you are a "Branch" of a registered charity (ie you do not have your own unique charity registration number) then you must have your own unique IRD Donee Status to be eligible for Payroll Giving
IRD Details

Your organisation name as it appears in the IRD Doneelist
IRD numbers are 8 (XX-XXX-XXX) or 9 (XXX-XXX-XXX) digits

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Organisation Details

Physical Address

Enter Multiple lines if necessary

Postal Address if different

Enter multiple lines if necessary

Key Contact Person
Please provide the details of a key contact person who will receive communications from us regarding this verification process and Spark payroll giving

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Bank Details

2 digit Bank Code

4 digit Branch Code

Bank Account is always 7 digits

Two Digits - If your bank has given you three digits remove the "leading zero"
We require a copy of a bank deposit slip or a bank statement showing your organisation's account name and account number for verification purposes and to enable us to distribute donations to you.

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As an organisation seeking verified status we authorise the Spark Foundation to: