Bestival Sleeping Bells Boutique Booking 2017

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Sleeping Bells look forward to increasing the peace at Bestival this year. Being hippies at heart we just can't wait for this years Bestival, and look forward to welcoming you to the lovely Lulworth Castle. Our reception / dressing up / phone charging tent will be loaded with love this year, and we have brought back hundreds of bindis from India this year to help you with the look.

Here's the score. You give us some details here about what you want, and we will get back to you quickly with details of how you can pay and secure your Sleeping Bell for 2017. Please bear in mind we are the smallest operator at Bestival and we always sell out, so if you want to be in our lovely little spot, let us know now. If you want to be with a group all together (or as far away as your mates who have booked with us as humanly possible), let us know, we'll make it happen.

If you need any questions answered, just call Jools on 07956 212819. 

if you want to do a payment plan kind of thing, again thats no problem, just as long as you drop a deposit now, and get all paid up 6 weeks before the event.

The units come complete with a queen sized mattress (with memory foam topper), rugs, blankets and full bedding (king sized duvet & pillows) for only £525

Any questions, just call Jools on 07956 212819 or email

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