William M. Henderson Alumni Award Application 

The William M. Henderson Alumni Award, more commonly referred to as the Henderson Award, is ∆KE's top alumni award, named for the Fraternity's beloved long-time Executive Director, Bill Henderson, Zeta Zeta '39. It is unique among major interfraternal awards in being presented not for work done at the top administrative level of the Fraternity, but solely for exceptional service to an individual chapter of ∆KE (not necessarily the recipient's own.) The award was established in 1975, and consists of an engraved julep cup that remains the property of the recipient.

Please note that more than one form may be filled out for any nominee. For instance, should an alumnus and undergraduate of the chapter/colony want to submit a nomination, that is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

The cutoff date to nominate an alumnus for the 2018 Henderson Award is June 1st.
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