Application for Jewish Divorce (GET)

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The Rabbinical Assembly  כנסת הרבנים

Pacific Southwest Region

15600 Mulholland Drive, Room 150

Los Angeles, CA  90077

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Dear Applicant:


If the divorce is fresh in your life, this may be a difficult time for you.  My wish is to make the process of obtaining a GET as comfortable as possible.


In addition to this application(s), I will need the following:


1. A hi-res picture of your ketubah, if it is available;


2. The first and last pages of your civil divorce final decree. If this is not yet done, we can still proceed with the GET. However, I cannot issue a certificate of Jewish divorce until the civil process is completed.


3. The fee for a GET is $730. It is payable once I acknowledge receipt of your application. I prefer to receive this by credit card, and a link for payment can be found on my website,  


I prefer to receive all documents by FAX or email attachment. There is no need to send hard copies. 

It is not necessary for either husband or wife to appear before the Bet Din in person. If the husband and wife both decide to come before the Bet Din to write and deliver the GET, I will not need any Appointment of Agency forms.

 If the husband and/or wife does not wish to appear in person, he or she must complete an Appointment of Agency form, which is available on my website.. There is one form for the husband and another for the wife. This form must be completed, printed, signed, witnessed, and returned to me by FAX or email attachment. Please do not send a hard copy.


When I have received all the paperwork and the fee, I will contact you to discuss an appointment for your appearance before the Bet Din, or to let you know when we intend to write your GET.


If you are working with another rabbi, the GET can be delivered before another Bet Din convened by your rabbi. Please make sure he or she contacts me to make these arrangements.


If you are having difficulty securing the cooperation of your former spouse, please describe your situation as best you can in an email. I will contact you to discuss the next steps. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me by phone or email.


With every blessing,



Rabbi Daniel R.  Shevitz

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Application for a Jewish Divorce (GET)


Note: This is an online application. Do not print it; simply fill it out online. When you are finished click on the “Submit” button at the end of the form.    

Please fill out all fields as completely and accurately as possible.

Husband's contact information
Wife's contact information

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Civil Divorce information
If civil decree is not final, please provide estimated month and year.
If the civil divorce is not final but expected soon, please give the expected date.

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Civil and Hebrew names
Please try to be as precise as possible in entering Hebrew or Jewish names. It is very important to be accurate. If there is any doubt, please explain as best as you can. Use English characters to spell Jewish names as they are pronounced.
Husband's English Names
Husband's Hebrew Names
Wife's English Names
Wife's Hebrew Names

By submitting this form, I give permission to Rabbi Daniel Shevitz to represent me in appointing witnesses and scribes and the writing and delivery of my GET.
 If you will not be appearing personally before the Bet Din, you will need to FAX or email the appropriate Appointment of Agency form found here: If you have any questions, please email  

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