Short Term Missions Program - Leader Application

Thank you for your interest in serving as a Team Leader for a Short Term Mission Trip through First Presbyterian Church, Macon. As a team leader, you will have a unique opportunity to invest in the lives of a few, and have eternal impact in the lives of many! We hope that this application form will serve you well as you prayerfully consider this role and the responsibilities associated with it.
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Leadership Requirements
Leading a short term mission trip is an immense privilege and responsibility. This role is a vital one, which equips and empowers other team members to experience the heart-changing impact of serving others on the foreign mission field. As you embark on this exciting venture, please realize the time and attention it will require as well as the dedication to leading the hearts of team members working alongside you. Thank you for rising to this challenge and expressing your willingness to serve! God will surely use you in ways beyond your imagination.

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Start Date

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Adults, Youth

Adults, Youth

Each team must have at least one female and one male leader, if both genders are participating on the trip. If youth will be participating, a ratio of one adult leader for every five youth is required.

Please visit (or your proposed sending agency) for estimated costs for your desired trip location. Note that these prices will NOT include travel expenses. Please add estimated cost of travel to this total estimated trip cost. 

Please contact the FPC Missions Secretary to coordinate this payment schedule. Deadlines are determined by MTW and airlines selected for travel. We cannot emphasize enough, the importance of knowing and enforcing these deadlines! It will be your responsibility to ensure that the entirety of your team submits the necessary payments on time! Failure to do so will result in significant penalty for the team as a whole, including FPC revoking support of the trip and/or potential trip cancellation.
Standards for Performance Agreement
As the leader of a short term missions team, you agree to the following responsibilities and expectations in an intentional effort to represent First Presbyterian Church (FPC) and contribute to a successful, God-honoring mission trip:
Please carefully review the following expectations of a Short Term Missions Leader.  Check the box next to each responsibility as indication that you have read and agree to execute each of them.

By typing your name above, you commit and agree to execute all of the above guidelines.