Silent Barn -- Residency Application

An Artist Residency Exchange Program 


Silent Barn is a welcoming community of artists and musicians, living, working and playing together in our 3 floor building in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The building houses with two performance spaces, a yard and co-working spaces. We have over twenty multidisciplinary studio spaces, four 2br apartments, a cafe/bar, and host public events daily.

Through Silent Barn, Residents have access to Materials for the Arts, New York City’s premier reuse center. Our residency program functions as a live/work residency -- the room you inhabit will also double as your main workspace, with access to shared resources and plenty of opportunity for collaborations with the funny little society we've created together.


We schedule various lengths of residencies, generally 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Let us know your preference and we'll do our best to align your needs with Silent Barn's needs.


The residency offers the opportunity to contribute your work to Silent Barn exhibitions and public programs. We encourage residents to get involved with all levels of our programming, and all the behind-the-scenes planning.

Silent Barnness

As a part of a community run center for artists, Silent Barn residents and members are asked to take part in the creation and maintenance of its facilities and programming. On Monday nights, Silent Barn volunteers attend a weekly meeting to address the issues large and small to collectively support all aspects of operations.

We encourage you to propose projects to leave your mark on Silent Barn. We love to see our residency proposals include engagement with our general mission, or to improve specific things that need work in our space. Want to organize a group exhibition? Paint a mural? Build an immersive installation in your living room? We're all ears.


The Silent Barn residency is tailored to offering space to our partnered spaces for artists of varying media and practices. We also welcome cultural producers of all stripes, social activists, academics, and anyone who is creative, adventurous, and willing to come to New York City and allow experiences here to influence new bodies of work. We are especially keen on artists who have a socially collaborative art practice.


Residents are selected through our Open Call application process.  Applications are reviewed & chosen by Silent Barn's current volunteers and residents.


This can really consist of any type of creative project that you want to pursue in New York. You're not required to propose how you'd like to engage with Silent Barn, but it's nice to see applicants who have a mission to change or create a new project over the course of the residency.

This time around, both rooms of one of our apartments will be available simultaneously -- feel free to propose an idea in tandem with a second artist to take your live/work space in a unique direction.

Special Applicants for Apartment 3R

Apartment 3R has been a particularly visible project space in Silent Barn's residency, as a place for parties, public events and more -- it's very much the most visible example of our eccentric take of social engagement. We have hosted dozens of events in this two bedroom apartment in the last 2.5 years -- everything from rock groups, solo electronics, theater, opening events for 2d works, and everything in between. Our current residents, who have lived together and spearheaded the events of 3R for over a year, are getting ready to pass the torch to folks with a new vision in the Summer/Fall of 2015. This apartment is at the nexus of Silent Barn's mission to blend shared and private, the work-in-progress with the exhibition, and the idea that one's own home should be an art project. It's a very exciting space to live in, but also works best with a particular personality, of course. One special asset of this apartment is your own PA system. Click this link for a photoset of apartment 3R. Do you want to host hackathons in your kitchen? Do you want to found a supper club? Do you want to book concerts in your living room? If you're interested in initiating a new public project in this particular space, please indicate this in your application and let us know what you're interested in doing.


Rent is $800/mo + $50 for utilities.



Please tell us why you're applying to the Silent Barn residency program. Let us know you heard of us, and if you've ever visited. Also, feel free to describe your collaborative experiences.  (2500 characters or less)

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