The Importance of Play for Infants and Toddlers  * Infant Play Reflection  2/4  

Student Information

Read the Scenario 

Sherri (5 months) is lying near Tasha (8 months). The girls are on a mat which has lots of play objects attached to it, such as mirrors, crinkly materials, rattles, animal sounds, fabric flaps, and dangling animals. Sherri shows Tasha that she is enjoying her young friends company. She stretches out her hand and touches Tasha’s leg. Both children smile and coo with delight. Their teacher, Niamh, shows the girls the different features of the mat. She lies beside the two children and presses buttons to hear the animal sounds. She encourages the girls to feel the different materials. She holds their hands to help them use the rattles. When the girls appear to lose interest, she sings Round and round the garden using actions with each of the girls. The girls let her know they love the tickly feel of her finger doing a circular movement on their hands as she sings. Tasha holds her hand out many times signaling for more. After singing, Niamh points to their clothes and body parts and describes these. “Tasha has white socks on, Sherri has blue ones. Tasha is touching Sherri’s fingers nice and gently. Do you like that Sherri? I think that you do” And so the exploring and talking continue.