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We welcome folks from all educational backgrounds. If this section doesn’t apply to you, please skip it, or describe your educational experiences below.

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As an organization that strives for equity, The Washington Bus empowers young leaders from underrepresented communities and aims to recruit a diverse class of Interns.

Any answers in this section will remain confidential and will not be used in individual selection decisions. While the following questions are all optional, we hope you will complete this section.  By letting us know how you identify, you help us assess our outreach methods and build a stronger cohort of Interns.

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Interns are paid a stipend of $500 over the course of the program. Our Internships are part time (10 or so hours a week). If you're looking for a full-time paid Summer opportunity, please apply to our Fellowship Program. Applications are rolling. 

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Please answer each question in 50 - 150 words. Please don't worry about giving us any kind of "right" answer - we're just looking to learn more about you, your interests and experiences.

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