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The Swimming Canada NCCP Challenge process has been put in place to allow coaches the ability to challenge an NCCP level without the prior NCCP specific training.  Coaching certification ‘equivalency’ is not available. 

Coaches will only be able to challenge the NCCP level equated to the swimmer performance level they are currently coaching.  A ‘challenge’ will comprise of the submission request (see next page), and a successful evaluation of the “portfolio” required for certification at the respective NCCP level.

Who Can Challenge?

Coaches who:

  • Are currently living in Canada, AND;
  • Are employed as a coach at a Canadian swim club or have been hired by a provincial section as the provincial coach, AND;
  • Are currently responsible for or are actively coaching swimmers at the coaching level they are challenging.
What steps are required to challenge a NCCP level?
  1. Interested coaches must submit a ‘challenge request’ form found on the following page
  2. The Provincial Section will verify that the NCCP level being challenged matches the level of swimmer that the coach is actively coaching as per descriptions below:
    • Fundamental - coaches preparing entry level competitive swimmers for local and / or regional competitions
    • Age Group - coaches preparing developing competitive swimmers for Provincial and/or Age National competitions
    • Senior Coach - coaches preparing developing competitive swimmers for Eastern or Western Championship, National Age Championship, CIS University Championship and Senior National competitions
  3. Once submitted documentation is verified, the Provincial Section will request payment from coach (the amount of payment will depend on the level being challenged – see below).
  4. Once payment is received, the coach will receive an email outlining the required content of the portfolio submission and appropriate links to access the online portfolio tool .  The portfolio work must be completed and submitted within 3 months of the link being received.
  5. The coach will receive an NCCP number and be considered “in training” which will be reflected in their Locker profile at

NOTE: All information requested above must be submitted in French or English.

How much does it cost?

NCCP Level

Breakdown of Costs


Fundamental Coach

Portfolio Evaluation - $50

Admin fee - $50


Age Group Coach 

Portfolio Evaluation - $150

Competition Evaluation - $150 + evaluator travel costs

Admin fee - $50

$350 + evaluator travel costs

Senior Coach

Portfolio A Evaluation - $200

Portfolio B Evaluation - $150 + evaluator travel costs

Portfolio C Evaluation - $150 + evaluator travel costs

Admin fee - $50

$550 + evaluator costs

What happens after the portfolio work is completed?
  • If a coach is successful with the evaluation of the assigned and completed portfolio, they will be recognized on their NCCP coaching transcript as “trained” (at the level challenged).

  • To become “fully certified”, the coach will then be required to complete the appropriate “Making Ethical Decision” (MED) multi-sport online evaluation.  For more information on MED training and evaluation, consult the appropriate Provincial/Territorial Coaching association (P/TCR). (

  • If a coach is not successful with the evaluation of the assigned and completed portfolio they will be notified, provided rationale for the denial and will be required to take the appropriate NCCP course prior to their next portfolio attempt. The link to the course registration can be found here - .

Request Form

General Information

Coaching Information 

Please list 3-5 swimmers that you are currently coaching and include the following information 


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