Complete this MyEDT pupil research customer survey and win

This form is intended to collect answers from those, in Ireland, who wish to consider or are planning to purchase driving lessons for loved ones or for themselves.

By filling this form you will not only help us collect crucial information from potential school of motoring students but also help us understand the needs of our customer base and present us thoughts on how to improve on our service delivery.Specifically we are hunting for answers from learners looking for pre-test driving lessons in Dublin 11.

We focus not just on existing students who have already enrolled for driving lessons. On the other hand, our target audience is those who have not yet booked in with us or opted for lessons. For this survey, the main goal was to reach these individuals.

This customer survey competition has been designed by MyEDT Driving School of Dublin, Ireland, and is deemed to offer crucial information that will help our school to improve on its services and become the best school of motoring in Ireland. Our center for driver training is headquartered in Dublin and desires to deliver the most exceptional driving lesson experience to both new and experienced drivers. That’s the reason why we are settling for nothing but the best services.

We really thank you for sparing some time to take part in this feedback survey. We recognize that your time is valuable, and in exchange for the time you spend on this survey, we will be entering you into our exclusive prize draw where you could be chosen as the winner of 12 EDT Driving Lessons. In addition to this, we also have a special prize lined up for whoever gives us the best answer to this form’s final question. Another added benefit for taking this survey is the addition of a special prize for the individual that best completes the last question of our form.

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