Driving School Customer Survey and Competition

This form is intended to collect feedback from those, in Ireland, who wish to consider or are planning to purchase driving lessons for loved ones or for themselves.

The information compiled from this survey will serve a dual purpose: first it will help us to understand our customer base more appropriately, and second it will help us to more effectively meet their needs by offering training solutions and curriculum taylored to them. Specifically we are seeking answers from pupils interested in pre-test driving lessons in North Dublin.

We have been attempting to market our center for driver training more vigorously. On the other hand, our target audience is those who have not yet booked in with us or opted for lessons. A competition was conducted on Facebook, with free driving lessons offered to the winners of the competition, with the aim of reaching our prospective audience and encouraging more people to opt for driving lessons.

The customer survey competition that you filled out was conducted by MyEDT Driving School of Dublin, Ireland. It is this renowned driving school that has designed this customer survey competition. We have been in business for many years and are well-established among our clients.

Before you get started, we would like to thank you for your participation in this customer survey, as well as for your willingness and your time. I know you, a close relative or friend is interested in joining a center for driver training in Dublin and it is for this reason that we have awarded you with an entry to our grand draw for a 12 EDT Driving Lessons free offer and a unique prize for the lucky individual who gives the best answer to our last question in the form. I wish you all the best as you participate in this survey.

For additional inquiries on our products and services get in contact with MyEDT Driving School crew on 01 685 6530.

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