Driving Instructor Competition Feedback survey

We would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day in order to fill out this survey form! The purpose of this form is to receive answers from individuals that wish to purchase driving lessons from our school of motoring. 

The information collected from this survey will serve a dual purpose: first it will help us to understand our customer base more appropriately, and second it will help us to more effectively meet their needs by offering training solutions and curriculum taylored to them. Through your feedback, we will also be able to offer tailor-made driving packages to suit your needs.

Our intended target groups are potential students who are yet to join our school of motoring and in order to draw their attention; we have conducted a social media competition via Facebook where we will reward the winners with free driving lessons. On the other hand, our target audience is those who have not yet booked in with us or opted for lessons. For this survey, the main goal was to reach these individuals. We aspire to make our school of motoring more well-known and expand our influence.

This customer survey competition has been designed by RSA School of Motoring Cork of Cork, Ireland, and is deemed to offer crucial information that will help our school to improve on its services and become the best driving school in Ireland. It is this renowned driving school that has designed this customer survey competition. We have been in business for many years and are well-established among our clients. 

We really thank you for sparing some time to participate in this customer survey. We recognize that your time is valuable, and in exchange for the time you spend on this survey, we will be entering you into our exclusive prize draw where you could be chosen as the winner of 12 Essential Driver Training Driving Lessons. In addition to this, we also have a special prize lined up for whoever gives us the best answer to this form’s final question. I wish you all the best as you participate in this survey.

Thanks again and safe driving!

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