The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation Proposal for Funding

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Please DO NOT USE internet explorer with this form as certain features will not work with the RCH browser version.

Please ensure that you have you discussed your intended proposal for funding with the following people prior to making your submission;

* Head of Department

* Management Accountant

* Executive Director

* Procurement and Biomedical Engineering (if for equipment)

* MCRI Theme Director (if for research)

* Project Reference Group (if your proposal involves implementing a new model of care / changing the delivery of a service / implementing a quality improvement project / developing educational resources / implementation of an IT system / changing a current system)

Used as a reference for all communications. Max 80 Characters

Enter an amount with decimal places. Don't add commas. Please update this field if the budget does not match

SPF Cost centre that will bear the costs of the program/project/equipment

Max 255 characters

Person completing this form and who agrees to take responsibility for this proposal on an ongoing basis. See further info in the guidelines on the Foundation's website.

Please ensure your email address is correct as all communications will be sent to this address. This needs to be your RCH campus email address.

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  • Describe your project
  • How will it be delivered (i.e how are you going to do it?)
  • What are the deliverables?
  • Include specific benefits and impact on patients and the RCH  
  • How will it impact the future of children's health?
5000 characters maximum

  • Which RCH Strategic Priority does this project address and how?
2000 characters maximum

  • What measures will be used to determine the success of the project?
3000 characters maximum

  • Please list at least three KPI's (where applicable)
3000 characters maximum

If you are not applying for research funding - please enter N/A
  • Provide a brief lay summary on the aims, methods, results, expected outcomes.
  • For all research proposals please attach the following for scientific review:
  1. Background information in sufficient detail to justify the need for the project
  2. Details of any pilot work completed
  3. Detailed research plan, including design, details of participants, measures and statistical analyses
  4. Plan for translation of study results into clinical practice
  5. Full list of investigators, their expertise and what they will contribute
  6. Full list of investigators publications over last 5 years
  7. Full list of Grants applied for over the last 5 years
  8. Full list of Grants awarded over last 5 years
4000 characters maximum

  • To the best of your knowledge, is the submission the subject of tied funds; that is funds from a particular donor/donor group?
  • Why is this proposal not funded from other sources (e.g. Government or RCH operating). 
2000 characters maximum

  • If the project is multi-year and involves salaries, please advise how it will become sustainable beyond the proposed funding period. Please also consider how the funding might step down during the course of the funding period through other grants or funding sources.
3000 characters maximum

  • Detail what will happen at the end of the funding support (i.e. will your project be self-sustainable? will your project cease?).
3000 characters maximum

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Each item included in your proposal should be listed separately. For example, a $10,000 proposal may include 2 items worth $4000, and another at $2000. Please use the ‘Add another ... Item’ function to list these details.

Applicant must ensure that the Management Accountant has been consulted prior to completing this section.

Budget for Non Salary Items

Assists the RCH Foundation to determine when you would require the distribution.

If this request includes clinical equipment, please indicate an estimated life of the asset

Will be subtracted from the total cost to derive the amount applied for

If you need to add another non salary item, click 'Add another Non Salary Item' below
Budget for Salary Items

If your request is for salaries over multiple years, enter a separate item for each year that the position will be funded.

Will be subtracted from the total cost of employment to derive the amount applied for

If you need to add another salary item, click 'Add another Salary Item' below

Add any further supporting information (1000 characters maximum)

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Our goal is to ensure your work is not compromised in any way. We therefore ask all applicants to disclose any potential conflicts before submission. This avoids any post submission issues and claims of conflict.

Final Declaration
By submitting this application, I affirm that the information put forward is true and complete. I understand that if my project/initiative is accepted for funding, any false statements, omissions, or other representations made by me/us on this application may result in a refusal of funds. I am also aware that an acquittal is required on completion of the project (annually for multi-year grants).

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