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Message as of March 19, 2020: In the midst of continuing COVID-19 concerns throughout the world, our office is currently working from home. As a result, we cannot print certificates. We will continue to accept your printed certificate requests, but cannot process until we return to the office and have access to our printing equipment. At this time, we do not have a definitive date of when we will return. If you have any questions, please contact us at membership@aacei.org or certification@aacei.org. 


This item is ONLY available for those residing outside of the United States*.  International shipping is provided by UPS.  No other shipping options will be considered or provided. 

It can be very costly to ship certificates internationally, sometimes exceeding $50.00, depending upon the designated country.  AACE cannot determine the fee until a physical address is given and UPS can calculate the ACTUAL cost.  Therefore, you must provide the address in the space provided below to prepare for your request.  However, you will be notified of the actual cost to ship, prior to processing, for your final approval and payment instructions


 (*Even though the United States, Canada and Mexico comprise North America, for shipping purposes, any address outside of the United States is considered International and is subject to international UPS shipping fees.)


By proceeding with this request, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED until you have been given the actual cost associated with shipping your printed certificate and permission of the cost has been granted by you.

TERMS & CONDITIONS AGREEMENT AFFIRMATION (you will be required to agree below):   By purchasing this item, I understand that I will not receive a printed certificate immediately.  I am only hereby authorizing AACE International to calculate the UPS cost to ship my printed certificate with the mailing information I have provided.  I certify the mailing information is current and capable of receiving UPS shipment and will not hold AACE responsible for erroneous mailing information.  I acknowledge that I have the option to cancel this request once I have been given the actual cost to ship my certificate through UPS courier service without further obligation. I also understand that once I provide authorization for the costs, I am required to provide payment within 24-hours after notification of my invoice to ensure the quoted fee remains unchanged.
Printed Certificate Request Information
The following information is required to ship your certificate.

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There is no extra fee for selecting both.

You cannot enter a PO Box for UPS shipment.

You cannot enter a PO Box for UPS shipment.

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