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Oakland Public Education FundHiring Tool Kit

Submitting a Hiring Toolkit is the official request for work at The Ed Fund. In order to comply with Labor codes, we still need to make an Employee or Contractor Determination based on your Hiring Toolkit entries. To help your request move more quickly through the pipeline, please have the following available:

  • A thorough Job Description or Scope of Work that outlines the nature of the work to be performed

  • Information regarding work dates and hours

  • The worker’s contact information

  • Information about how the role will be funded

  • Any other details relevant to the work to be performed.

Please carefully complete this form. If you need assistance regarding this form, please contact and your client services manager will reach back out to you.


  • Submission of this information does not mean that you may hire a position.  The Ed Fund must approve all positions and subsequent hires after thorough review.

  • Start of Agreement Date cannot be less than 10 business days from the submittal of this hiring toolkit.

  • DO NOT allow a potential contractor or employee to begin work before receiving approval from the Ed Fund and any relevant clearances. Doing so will result in delays in their payment, or lack of coverages pertaining to certain work. The Ed Fund will NOT release payment for work done before position approval and verification of employee.

  • DO NOT hire site staff into a position covered under union contracts. By submitting this form you verify that this position is not included in the set of recognized positions currently covered under OUSD union contracts.