Girl Be Heard Mentor Application

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Girl Be Heard is currently seeking engaging, committed and passionate individuals to serve as mentors to incoming company members (girls aged 12-21). Please complete the application below to be considered for this volunteer opportunity. 

What is Girl Be Heard? 

Girl Be Heard is a non-profit theatre company that brings global issues affecting girls center stage by empowering young women to tell their stories. 

Girl Be Heard creates cutting-edge, cause-related theatre – inspired, written and performed by girls (12-21) -- that is thought provoking and actionable. Our non-profit theatre company gives voice to issues that girls care about most (such as bullying, body image and self harm). Our company also takes on global issues affecting girls worldwide such as sex trafficking, forced child marriage, and gender-based violence and regularly performs our acclaimed shows at the United Nations, TED conferences and The White House.

Our curriculum encourages young women to think critically about social justice, challenge stereotypes, foster friendships and build tools for bringing about positive change in their communities. Our leadership has built the company from scratch. Our directors and support staff are committed to the long-term health and expansion of the company. We push each other, learn from each other, and develop best practices for our creative and business model together. 

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What is the Girl Advocates Program?

The Girl Advocates Program is a traditional one-to-one mentoring program, and is one of GBH’s initiatives to better support growing female artists to succeed within the program and grow both personally and artistically. This program connects young program participants and company members with a volunteer mentor who can provide general encouragement, insight, and guidance during their mentoring relationship. GBH’s Girl Advocates Program provides girls aged 12-21 with one-to-one matches with screened and trained mentors, so they may grow as artists and women. 

Eligibility Requirements:
· Are at least 21 and over
· Have experience mentoring, teaching, or in other leadership roles, or would like to gain these skills. 
· Are interested in supporting young women in their personal and professional growth. 
· Are committed to building a stronger Girl Be Heard community. 

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Demographic Information

Emergency Contact

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Education and Training


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Background Information

Previous Residential Address (If less than one year at your current residence):

Please list three references you have known for at least (1) year. One of these references must be professional. Relatives or family members cannot be used as references. Please give complete addresses and phone numbers. References will be contacted by phone or email. The information furnished to us by your references will remain strictly confidential.   

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Consent and Electronic Signature

By reading and signing below, I acknowledge that I agree to the following: I agree to participate in all required trainings, including periodic training meetings. I agree to abide by all Girl Be Heard (GBH) rules and procedures, as stated in the Mentor Handbook or provided by GBH staff and/or Program Coordinator. I will complete my commitment to work with the program at least four hours per month for a full year, unless otherwise agreed with GBH. I will abide by federal law requiring that children’s records remain confidential and any information obtained about a child may not be disclosed to others except the child’s parents and/or legal guardian. I agree to honor these confidentiality requirements. I consent to GBH verifying all information contained herein, and to a fingerprint check. I will NOT take my mentee, if under 18, to any unsupervised settings until my background checks are returned and I have obtained parental consent. When I am meeting with my mentee, if under 18, her parent/legal guardian must know where I am and be able to contact me. I will contact my program coordinator and mentee if I will be absent from a mentoring session, and I understand that excessive absences will result in removal from the program. I will contact GBH if I have any problems or concerns about my mentoring relationship.

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