International Phone Number Form

**Please Note** If you do not enter your X Number and Last Name correctly, or choose the term correctly, you will get the following message, "Update - Lookup returned no record and aborted connector execution." If you get this message, please re-submit the form, ensuring that both your X Number and Last Name are correct.


All students traveling on a St. John's University Global Studies Program must register an international cell phone number with the University in order to ease communication during both personal and general emergencies, giving both your families and us the possibility of reaching you, if the need arises. This phone must be able to place and receive phone calls in your host country and the countries where you travel independently during your study abroad program, and remain charged and on at all times. Students participating in any program abroad should research temporary international plans with their provider or longer-term SIM card options at the destination abroad.  Information is available on our Accepted Students site.

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