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Girl Be Heard is currently seeking engaging, committed and passionate individuals to serve as mentors to incoming company members (participants ages 12-24). Please complete the application below to be considered for this rewarding volunteer opportunity! 

What is Girl Be Heard? 

Girl Be Heard (GBH) develops, amplifies, and celebrates the voices of young women through socially conscious theatre-making.  

GBH creates cutting-edge, cause-related theatre – inspired, written and performed by participants – that is thought provoking and actionable. Our non-profit theatre company gives voice to issues that girls are affected by most (including but not limited to bullying; body image; self harm). Our organization also takes on global issues affecting girls worldwide such as sex trafficking, forced child marriage, and gender-based violence. We regularly perform our acclaimed shows at the United Nations, TED Talk conferences and The White House.

Our rehearsal curriculum encourages young women to think critically about social justice, challenge stereotypes, foster friendships and increase tools for bringing about positive change in their communities. Our directors and support staff are committed to the long-term health and expansion of Girl Be Heard. We look forward to supporting and collaborating with mentors who are ready to challenge themselves, learn from new experiences, and participate as members of a team.

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What is the GBH Mentorship Program?

The GBH Mentorship Program connects respected professionals from every field with Girl Be Heard participants ages 12 to 24, providing positive role-modeling and opportunities for growth, to increase mentees' sense of insight, potential and self-efficacy. The GBH Mentorship Program is a traditional one-to-one mentoring program, and is one of GBH’s initiatives to better support growing female artists + activists to grow both personally and artistically. 

Eligibility Requirements:

· Age 21 and beyond.

· Experience with mentoring, teaching, or leadership roles. 

· Interest in supporting GBH participants in their personal and professional growth. 

Questions or concerns? Please contact our Youth Advocate Tina Chowdhury at

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