C-SHARE - The fast SMS share that creates a referral

You are about to send this website

to a RECEIVER of your choice.

The website owner is 

notified when you do that. 

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The C-SHARE service allows you to share, recommend, and send, the website you're viewing, immediately, by SMS.

It is a way for you, the VIEWER, to share this website and create a referral for the website owner. 


You are sending this to a RECEIVER you choose.


Be aware that your name and the name of the RECEIVER are both passed back to the website owner.


Do not send this website to a RECEIVER unless they are aware that you are doing so.

C-SHARE is a CARDSITE service



Tap each box to proceed...


If you are sending this CARDSITE 
forward as a business referral, 
your name is sent to the owner,
telling them the referral came from you.


If you are sending this WEBSITE forward to
connect two people in a business referral, 
be sure the RECEIVER is aware of it.
The WEBSITE owner is notified that 
their WEBSITE was sent to this RECEIVER.

You are sending a website by SMS and creating a referral connection between three people.

We call it a C-SHARE referral and offer free training through our business networking group.

The 3 parties in this referral are...

THE WEBSITE OWNER - The host of the website you're viewing
THE RECEIVER - A person you are trying to serve (maybe you just met)

The RECEIVER has expressed interest in the products and services of the THE WEBSITE OWNER, maybe in discussion with you.

If THE RECEIVER has not expressed interest in the services and products of THE WEBSITE OWNER what you are about to do is called SPAM. Do not send the WEBSITE this way - it will damage the professionalism and offering of THE WEBSITE OWNER.


C-SHARE is a CARDSITE service