McMaster Contemporary Acupuncture for Health Professionals Spring 2021, MA045

Course # MA045-2021

  • Unit 1 online: February 1-March 4, 2021
  • Unit 1 live: March 5-7, 2021
  • Unit 2 online: March 8-April 8, 2021
  • Unit 2 live: April 9-11, 2021
  • Unit 3 online: April 12-May 13, 2021
  • Unit 3 live: May 14-16, 2021
  • Unit 4 online: May 17-June 3, 2021
  • Unit 4 live: June 4-6, 2021

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Early Bird Registration Deadline: January 22, 2021
$6997.00 CDN 

Registration after January 22, 2021
$7697.00 CDN

Student Rate for 1st year graduates, medical residents, and last year students. Limited positions available until January 12, 2021
$5979.00 CDN

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Cancellations and Refunds
Full refunds for cancellations in writing received prior to February 5, 2021, will be provided (minus $450.00 admin fee). No refunds will be issued for cancellations received after this date.  The Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program reserves the right to cancel the course, change the dates and venue, instructors or introduce program modifications without prior notice.

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For Further Information:
Phone: (Valerie Cannon) 905-521-2100 X75175
Fax: 905-523-1224
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Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest

Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest - In keeping with accreditation guidelines, speakers participating in this event have been asked to disclose to the audience any involvement with industry or other organizations that may potentially influence the presentation of the educational material. Disclosure may be done verbally or using a slide prior to the speaker’s presentation.

Liability - Continuing Health Sciences Education (CHSE) and the Contemporary Acupuncture Program hereby assumes no liability for any claims, personal injury, or damage:
- To any individual attending this course.
- That may result from the use of technologies, program, products and/or services at this course.
- That may arise out of, or during this course.

McMaster University Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program Cancellation Policy


If you register for the program, and inform the Program’s Admin Coordinator at the time of registration, exactly which days you will miss, we can register you for those days in the next available program at no charge.

If the program has already started, when you inform the Program’s Admin Coordinator that you will have to miss a day or two, then the policy (below) shall apply.  If you miss a day of the course, the policy (below) shall apply.

McMaster University Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program Policy on Missing Units

If a Unit is to be missed during the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program, rescheduling to complete the Unit in the next available program is possible under the following circumstances:

1.    A written request for rescheduling must be submitted to the Program’s Admin Coordinator by no later than six weeks prior to the commencement of the Unit.  Approval is not automatic and will depend on the nature of the extraordinary circumstances that have caused the rescheduling.  If a rescheduling is granted, the Unit will be considered "postponed" and a $450.00 rescheduling admin fee shall apply in order to complete the Unit in the next available program.

2.    If no written request was timely submitted or if it was rejected, the Unit would be considered "NOT COMPLETED" and a $1,081.00 full registration fee shall be charged for new registration to complete the Unit in the next available program.  In this case, no partial credits shall be issued for completed portions of the program until the missing Unit is satisfactorily completed.

3.    Truly unanticipated extraordinary circumstances shall be evaluated on an individual basis.  Unanticipated extraordinary circumstances mainly include acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and medical emergencies properly documented by a medical certificate.

4.    Under NO circumstances shall a given Unit be permitted to be rescheduled more than twice.  In that case, the program participant will be recorded as "FAILURE TO COMPLETE THE PROGRAM" and no further rescheduling rights will exist.  A full registration for a new program will be required.

5.    One day absence (even if it is scheduled before the course begins) due to extraordinary circumstances can be made up by arranging a day of shadowing an instructor and completing the missed workshop exercises at a charge of $350.00 per missed day.  Anything over one day must first be approved by the Director of the Program.  If approved, the cost is $600.00 for 2 days, and $800.00 for 3 days.  These arrangements are not automatic and shall depend on the circumstances of the missed day.  Otherwise, a rescheduling of the full Unit is required with the current fee.

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