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Community Impact Funding Opportunity Overview


HUMAN SERVICE not-for-profit agencies serving Wayne County residents are invited to submit an application for competitive funding consideration as a Community Impact Partner Agency. United Way believes that the health, education and economic mobility of Wayne County residents are critical for the community to thrive.  We are thrilled to offer an opportunity for programs who focus on one of these three areas to become funded partner organizations. Community Impact Partner Agencies will address the highest priority needs identified by the community members and stakeholders of Wayne County. 


EDUCATION - Foster learning programs that help youth to achieve developmental milestones through the provision of learning and enrichment in out-of-school time. Programs will focus on the development of self-esteem and healthy choices, and/or career preparation to support high school graduation and position youth for future success.  

HEALTH - Improve health by supporting programs that help meet basic needs, foster positive and sustaining social and emotional connections throughout an individual's lifespan, and heal people from trauma.

ECONOMIC MOBILITY -  Provide access to the necessary tools and opportunities people need to increase income, build wealth and improve financial stability including but not limited to the development of soft skills and financial literacy. 

Application Requirements

  1. You will be requested to upload all supporting documents in the Attachments section at the end of this application.
  2. Before filling out the application, please have all documents requested below available for attachment.
  3. Please prepare to complete grant application in one session, through submission, as the form will not save your progress.
  4. You will receive an email verifying your application was submitted.

GRANT YEAR: Aug. 2021 through July 2022 with an additional year grant renewal opportunity based on positive outcome reporting and available funding.  Submission is not a guarantee of funding, only agencies chosen for further funding consideration will be contacted in June. Phone: 315-331-2773. 

DUE DATE: Applications will be accepted until 3:00pm on Monday May 3, 2021
Please email questions to: Newark@uwrochester.org or call (315) 331-2773. We strive to answer all questions within 24 hours of receipt.
Agency Information

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Program Operation
Dates of Program:

Hours of Program:

Program Attendance/Number of People Served
(Please use whole numbers, & pro-rate yearly amounts based on past 8 months.)
Identifying Gender of Participants:
Ethnicity of Participants
Age of Participants
Community Impact Focus Area Applying For (Choose One)
Focus Area : HEALTH


Grants will be awarded for programs aiding families and individuals in meeting their basic needs, supplying a safe place to live and offering a positive impact on their social, emotional and nutritional health. 



Grants will be awarded to programs that Foster learning programs that help youth to; Achieve developmental milestones by filling their out-of-school time with learning and enrichment; Develop strong self-esteem and make healthy choices; Explore career preparation and improve high school graduation for future success. 


Grants will be awarded for programs supplying individuals with the necessary tools to increase income, build wealth and improve financial stability.  
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Evaluation Plan

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2021-22 Funding Application

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