Hot Docs - Blue Ice Group Documentary Production Fund Application 2014

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1. Eligibility

I certify that I
  • am the primary rights holder of the project.
  • am the director or producer attached with the film project.
  • hold citizenship, primary residence and work primarily in Africa.
  • have at least one previous professional credit to my name.


I certify that my project
  •  will be produced and shot in Africa.
  •  will be either a feature or broadcast length documentary.
  •  will be of high quality and suitable for theatrical release and/or television broadcast to
  • audiences both locally and internationally.
  •  if there is a registered production company associated with the project, that company is registered in an African country.

2. Applicant Details
The Primary Contact is the
of the project.

3. Project Details

The synopsis should briefly describe the story that you wish to tell with your film.

This is the director’s vision for the film. Please provide an outline that with some detail about the visual treatment of the film and most importantly how the story will be told (editorially and cinematically).

The status report includes information on rights, access to interview subjects, stage of completion, etc.

The project strategy is an outline and schedule detailing how you will secure the additional financing and support required to complete the film.

Estimated Runtime is

4. Co-Production Status

If yes, please add contact information for an applicable co-production partner.

What was this contact's role on the project?

5. Production Team

Please fill out one section for each member of the production team in the following roles: Director(s), Producer(s), Executive Producer(s), Writer(s), Editor(s)


Country of Citizenship:
What was this contact's role on the project?

Please includeProject Name, Role on Project, Year of Production and the name of the production company for all previous credits.

Add Another Credit
6. Budget & Financing

Requests from the Hot Docs - Blue Ice Film Production Fund may be between $5,000 and $40,000 CDN per project and may be up to 50% of the production budget.

(Please see the FAQ for a complete list of eligible expenses)

Production schedules should detail a list of deliverables of the production phase and a timeline for completion
Production Budget Summary

Please fill out the budget in Canadian dollars, current exchange rates can be found at Do not use commas; Use only whole numbers (and round up to the nearest dollar).

For example $52,321.47 should be listed as 52321



Please explain how you will finance the film listing other funders and the amounts that they have committed or you project they will commit.
7. Trailers/Footage

Whenever possible, trailers and sample footage should be sent via an online link such as Vimeo or YouTube.

If you are unable to submit footage via an online link two DVD copies of a trailer or sample footage can be forwarded to:

Hot Docs - Blue Ice Film Documentary Fund

Attn: Stephanie McArthur

110 Spadina Avenue, Suite 333

Toronto, ON

M5V 2K4

Re: [insert project name]

Please label each DVD with: title, director, length, rough cut/trailer/sample. Please test all DVDs in a consumer DVD player.

Materials postmarked with the deadline date but received after the deadline will not be accepted.

I am submitting footage via DVD: 

* IMPORTANT*  All mailed packages must be clearly labeled 'For Cultural Purposes Only, No Commercial Value'. Hot Docs will not pay to accept any packages.

8. Submission

I hereby declare and warrant that to the best of my knowledge, the information contained herein is true and complete. I authorize Hot Docs - Blue Ice Film Documentary Fund to discuss this application with any other potential financiers. I agree that I shall notify the Hot Docs - Blue Ice Film Documentary Fund immediately if and when any changes occur to any of the submitted documents or information and shall provide written details of the same.

9. Supporting Documents

Please see the FAQ for more information on supporting documents and when you need to provide them.

I am enclosing the following required supporting documents:





Please submit this completed application form along with any required supporting documents by Friday, August 22, 2014, at 5 pm EST.

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